Featured Artist: Bryan Kneale

Presenting work created over five decades, Royal Academician Bryan Kneale’s sculptures and works on paper will be exhibited at the Pangolin London from 25th March to 2nd May. Kneale’s work began at the easel creating thick and spiky paintings with palette knives, painting the portraits of Michael Redgrave, Richard Attenborough and Norman Parkinson to name but a few. However, an innate fear of repetition led to him looking at sculpture, learning to forge and weld, working with brass, steel, copper and aluminium. As the first abstract sculptor to be elected RA in 1947, this showed clearly his work was not the traditional sculpture of carving, casting and modelling. This exhibition definitly underlines his importance in the development of 20th Century British sculpture. A full illustrated catalogue with an essay by Professor Brian Catling will accompany the exhibition.

To quote Bryan Kneale: “(the point of making sculpture) is to try and discover in some ways the meaning of your own life, to clarify in your own mind those capabilities, or abilities, to see things achieve an existence independent of yourself.”