Fatima’s Journey Location Stills (Afghanistan)

Exhibition of photographs by Yousaf Ali Khan running in Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ until 27th October.

Fatima’s Journey is an exciting new feature film project by twice BAFTA nominated writer/director Yousaf Ali Khan. It is a road movie with a ghostly twist about an Elderly Afghan Mother who sets off on a long journey from her mountain village to the big city in search of her grown up son.

Yousaf first came up with the idea when on a location recce in Iraq 7 years ago. At that time, mothers would come to the cities from the rural in search of their sons who they had lost contact with during the war. The women were generally very poor, and those found on the street after curfew would be picked up by the police and held until dawn.

Yousaf wanted to explore the grief experienced by these mothers through a storyline about an elderly mother gradually coming to terms with the loss of her adult son.

Afghanistan has the highest ratio to population of war widows of any nation in the world. Please help us keep Afghanistan in the public eye.

The international forces may be withdrawing but for the ordinary people this is no withdrawal.