Open Studios

image by lara harwood

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The next Open Studios weekend will be on:

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September, 12 noon-6pm

Private View: Friday 22nd September (6-9pm)

Chocolate Factory N22 Open Studios, celebrating  21 years, is quite a milestone when you reflect back on how it all started in 1996.  A derelict building on Clarendon Road N22,  empty since 1990 and just crying out for artists who with Haringey Arts Council (the previous name of Collage Arts) having failed to persuade the owners to make a unit available for studios, decided to squat the building and finally convinced the owners  to make a unit available. That first unit was taken within two hours of being offered and the artists with Collage Arts built the studios, and so started the life of Chocolate Factory 1. That first Open Studios was promoted under a banner of “Imagine”……. and the public were invited to visit what was then an empty building and to imagine multi artform studios, performance spaces, gallery and lots more.

Over 21 years we have achieved almost what was imagined in 1996, we have the performance, dance, photography and film spaces and over 100 artists’ studios a venue for music and theatre and a restaurant. We have Chocolate Factory 1, 2 and now 3.

A map has been produced to accompany the N22 Open Studios leading all visitors to the event through what is the current Wood Green Cultural Quarter and featuring all the highlights of the cultural quarter. After a successful year, Chocolate Factory 3 has had another floor of artists added for this year’s event, there’ll be lots of things to discover from our artists on the 3rd and 4th floors! This year we will also feature many of the successful musicians and music producers with performances throughout the event in both Chocolate Factory 1 and 2.

So enjoy the new and the existing delights in the N22 Open Studios and let’s celebrate 20 years of the event and more importantly the acceptance of the Wood Green Cultural Quarter, after all it has only taken 20 years of campaigning for it be finally recognised. Here’s to the Cultural Quarter becoming the key asset of Wood Green, which we creatives always knew it was….