50:50 Studios

50:50 Studios provides professional recording facilities for singer/songwriters, producers, bands, editing, and voice overs. It is the ideal place to record overdubs for full album projects, and is very popular with many of our clients who wish to write and record in one session. The Studio is equipped with a Pro Tools HD2 Accel system on an 8 Core Mac Pro with 12 GB Ram, running Pro Tools HD10 and Logic Pro 9. We have a fantastically playable and characterful Steck baby grand piano tuned to concert pitch that sounds like it’s just fallen off a Joni Mitchell or Neil Young record, and for those wanting a brighter sound there is a wealth of samples including Synthogy Ivory, making this an ideal writing room. We provide an excellent option for publishers, managers and labels alike. There is a top selection of new and vintage mics including: Neumann U47 Fet; 2 x 70’s Neumann U87; Brauner VM1; Neumann M149; matched stereo pair of Neve sE RN17 pencil mics; Neve RNR1 Active Ribbon; 2xAKG C451; (stereo pair) AKG C414 XLII; sE TITAN; sE X1R Ribbon; Shure SM7, Beta 58 and SM58; and a Golden Age R1 Active Ribbon. We have 4 channels of custom racked Neve 1272 preamps; 1 Rupert Neve Designs Portico Pre/EQ; 2 Rupert Neve Designs 5017 Preamp/DI/Comressors; a TubeTech MEC1A channel strip; a Urei 1178 and a TubeTech ME1A EQ as well as an Apogee Rosetta 800 AD/DA converter. Currently using Neve Portico 5042 Tape Saturation unit. Monitoring is through sE Munro Eggs, KRK V8’s, Yamaha NS-10’s, and Avantone Active Mixcubes via a Presonus Central Station along with AKG K271, Sony MDR 7506 and Beyer DT150 headphones, all making it the perfect place for top quality overdubs. Alongside the baby grand there is also a Roland VK7 and Busilacchio electric Harmonium as well as the option to hire in one of Chris’s vintage acoustic guitars including Gibson made vintage epiphones: 1963 Epiphone Frontier; 1964 Epiphone Texan; and 1964 Epiphone El Dorado. Also available is a Taylor K65 Koa 12 String, A Yamaha classical and a Tanglewood acoustic set up in nashville tuning. There is also a Resonator guitar. Electric guitars include a Gibson Les Paul standard, Fender Thinline Telecaster (1980’s), and an Epiphone Sheraton. There is of course, an extensive library of sampled keyboards, strings, drums and whatever else you can think of for Logic and Pro Tools. Studio Rates: Studio £250 per day, Engineer £100 per day. Discounts available for multiple days and repeat bookings
Chocolate Factory 2
4 Coburg Road
Wood Green, London
N22 6UJ