I make clothing for children and parents using African print fabrics, because I love sewing and love the vibrancy of colours that the materials bring. They are bold and stand out from the crowd. The message I hope to convey in my work is that African prints do not need to be traditional.

“I have been sewing and creating since the age of 7, taught by my mom and developed by myself. My mother taught my sister and I how to be self-sufficient; creating my own clothes was one of these lessons. I began making little fabric dolls and then designing and creating garments for them.

As I grew older I started using my skills to make presents such as personalised picture cushions. I also made my son a tracksuit by upcycling a few of my old tracksuits.

There are many things that drew me to sewing and textiles as an art form. Although it has been a skill of mine for many years it is only recently that I have decided to take it further.

Being self-employed has been something I dreamt of from a young age, even before I knew what my passion was. I’ve had a varied career – working in sectors as diverse as childcare to IT – but my aspiration to work for myself grew as I became a mother. I want to be able to watch my children grow up. For me, a 9-5 job does not fit well around motherhood.

I showed some of my work to a contact who I heard was starting her own business. She immediately fell in love with it; asking why I hadn’t used the skills I have and turned them into a full-time career. It was a moment of clarity in which Afroswag was born.

I am in the very early stages of my business, still developing my skills and learning to make new garment. The next stage for me it to get my brand known by regularly exhibiting on stalls at numerous events alongside promotion on social media.”

Tel: 07477 163 548

Studio 28 – Chocolate Factory 1

Clarendon Rd, Wood Green

London N22 6XJ