Andy Murphy

I am interested in paintings about places, people, and the interactions between them. There is no specific narrative or story, or at least none that I’m consciously aware of. The subject is rather the interplay between people, objects and elements making up a scene. Painting always has been and always will be the richest and most flexible language for exploring and expressing this. You get all the various interactions and subtleties of colour, shape, line, space and so on, plus, you get everything all in one go. What I hope people will get from my work is a combination of overall intensity with a subtlety in the individual parts; the beauty of colour, the feeling of surface of objects etc. This is often referred to as ‘abstract’ but to me it is simply “pictorial”, the language of painting. And I think the pictorial is made more powerful – certainly more interesting – when it has some direct connection back to something seen or experienced. For example many of the ‘places’ I paint are in London, where I live. It seems to be an inexhaustible subject; certainly there is plenty of interaction! What people used to call ‘compositions’ I call ‘Happenings’, where I put people and objects together in imagined settings – just to see what happens. I also paint portraits, mainly to commission. My work is mostly in oil, or oil and acrylic on canvas, and varies in size from 8 inches up to around 8 feet. Drawing is a constant activity and another important part of my output. More recently I have been experimenting with digital media using an iPad. Examples are regularly uploaded to my website.
Andy Murphy studied Fine Art at Leeds University and has a Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Painting from the Slade School of Fine Art, where he studied with Euan Uglow and other artists concerned with painting about visual appearance. His work is in many private collections. He also works to commission.
B104, Chocolate Factory 1
Clarendon Road
Wood Green, London
N22 6XJ
07932 112510