Clare B Davies

Primarily I am a painter, but I also use video and photography to support my work. What I make reflects either, whatever is happening to me at the time, or, themes, topics, images, people or animals that I like and/or that I find impressive – a running commentary on my life and quite a wide field! I like to work with the beautiful and the humorous.

I often work simultaneously on two pieces as a pair, or recently, in sequences of fours and threes with a theme running through that unites them as a set. There is a mix of free movement and intense detail in my work that sometimes takes months to complete. At best, a two way process develops between the painting and myself where, with intense focus and effort, a fluid development of idea/colour and composition is partly initiated from me, and partly comes about in response to the progress of the work which can almost take on a life of its own.

I have enjoyed many animal portraiture commissions and in these, it is very important to me that I catch the character of the animal as well as the physical likeness. I specialize in cats, dogs, horses, ponies, rabbits and guinea pigs but I am perfectly happy to paint other animals and birds when people request.


After graduation in Fine Art from Coventry/Manchester Clare received a Masters from University College of London IOE in 1992.

Clare B Davies’ work is owned by Thames Water, Black and Veatch Construction, Sand Grove Capital, The ETNA Centre Twickenham and several private collectors

To date Clare B Davies has had a successful career exhibiting frequently in Richmond, Twickenham, Isleworth, Ealing , Colchester , Leicester, Manchester and Coventry before coming to Chocolate Factory Last December.


Clare B Davies

Chocolate Factory 3
40 Cumberland Road
Wood Green, London
N22 7SG