Delfin Ortiz Djian

Delfin is a Spanish born artist and designer based in Haringey. He is a Founder Member of the charity Create Space London and a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artist member. He also works as an assistant for the artists Danny Lane and Liliane Lijn. During the last few years his work has been shown in group exhibitions and festivals in London, Budapest, Porto and Zaragoza.His main interest is installation, focusing on the qualities of light, space, reflection and repetition. Besides, he also produces painting, sculpture, video, printing and performance, exploring the sensuality and obscurity of geometry through patterns, sounds and textures. Highly influenced by minimal and kinetic art, his geometric work triggers the visual perception, dragging the viewer from the real to its corresponding echoes in the field of the unreal. Painting: I believe that painting is a conversation based on previous facts that I have witnessed, actively participated or experienced. I look for those moments of remembrance and develop a subject matter through these found moments. My pictorial reflection depends on a visual language irrationally directed. The gestural element creates a certain dynamic that goes beyond the perceptual concerns, generating a kind of saturated body that finds its presence in a place that never stands still. Each work is the evolution of the previous one. Each of them allows the space, movement and shape as a singular form. Perhaps this dialectic of my visions, between tension and relaxation, concentration and expansion, is one of the reasons why these images can be read as portraits or landscapes, as natural and human figures, as emotional waves, as contours of an internalized reality. When I work, my emotional landscape gets the freedom to exorcise visceral and irrational consciousness in myself. Night and day, in the world of dreams or awake, my inner life is full of landscapes, figures and shadows.