Diana Wolzak

I find things.

I make sculptures from discarded objects I find in the street. They are assemblages of the everyday. I gather objects I come across, and tie them together using tape, sting, glue, pins, rubber bands and really whatever I can find to blend, mesh, bind and wrap. The objects become an amalgamation of all sorts.
They are salvaged and reassembled.

I usually find domestic and industrial debris, but also eye catching items from charity shops, pound shops, DIY shops and supermarkets.

I enjoy the ‘chance’ element to the work, never knowing what I am going to come across, and this also manifesting the potential outcome.

I have worked in various settings collecting the used and discarded to make a series of sculptures/objects, which are then shown as an Installation in those settings. In 2016 ‘Long White Cloud’ in Hoxton, London commissioned me to produce a series of sculptures using their kitchen detritus.

I have developed many of the sculptures into drawings. The drawing techniques combine mixed media to create a ‘collaging’ effect, mirroring the making of the sculptures.

My works are in Collections in London, Dubai and France.

My work is influenced by Arte Provera, Pop Art, Surrealism, Feminist Performance Art, Fluxus, Abstract Art, Conceptual Art, Minimalism and Dada.

email dianawolzak@hotmail.com


Studio 14 – Chocolate Factory 3

40 Cumberland Road

Wood Green N22 7SG