Erica Donovan

Primarily working in print making, much of Erica’s practice focuses on observations from everyday life where she finds inspiration from new technologies, the acquisition, digestion and passing on of information, skills and knowledge and changes in the way that objects are invented, used and improved upon.
Donovan was born in East Sussex and now lives and works in London. She studied Graphic Design at Bath Spa University and has worked within the professional print sector for ten years. She completed an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts, London in 2009 and completed a year long residency at the Florence Trust in Islington in 2010. She has exhibited widely and is currently working on new work as well as working as an artist within education.
B104, Chocolate Factory 1
Clarendon Road
Wood Green, London
N22 6XJ
020 3441 6081