George Marshman

I trained as a photographer at Birmingham Art College, qualifying in 1972. For the next two years I
worked as the photographer for Shelter, The National Campaign for the Homeless. In the job I had
responsibility for undertaking all of their photographic documentation of homelessness across the
country, publicity work and running their self financing picture library. I then moved into working
directly in social care, initially in the voluntary sector supporting single homeless people then as a
local authority social worker firstly in Haringey from 1975. I then worked in a number of London
Boroughs until I retired as Director of Adult Social Care for Lambeth in 2014.

I have always maintained my interest in photography during my working life but have not not been
a practicing photographer until recently. As a professional I exclusively undertook documentary
work using 35mm film cameras to produce black and white images. I am currently working to
become better acquainted with digital technology though still undertaking some analogue work.
Most of my recent work is taking landscape and cityscape photos that are devoid of people – a
significant move way from my photographic roots. However I intend to embark on more defined
projects as I get more confident. I am primarily using black and white but some colour work has
crept in. I do not currently have a website or internet presence but expect to develop that as I
move forwards.



Studio 35 – Chocolate Factory 3

40 Cumberland Rd

Wood Green N22 7SG