Isa Levy

I am inspired by moments of joy, sadness, beauty or yearning, a need to express inner emotions. I enjoy the process – the immediate sensuality of paint onto a blank white canvas excites me ! Spreading, sculpting the paint, the smell, the colours and textures blending, seeping, bleeding into each other. Shapes appearing with the rhythm of emotion! Then I follow the painting’s development like a servant follows its mistress, breathing the painting to life !

I can be inspired from within or an external inspiration and that being so my subject range is varied and unusual. I am interested in creating a full and whole expression with each new canvas ! So each is a complete world in itself , rarely part of a series, although in the passing of time I can see I can see how some paintings can be grouped together !

When a painting is complete I have a new conversation with it. When viewed I hold no real significance to its interpretation , although I am interested in how the viewer sees, feels or interprets the painting for themselves. This is an important part of the completion process of each painting. The process is the real impact and the finished painting I view almost detached ! Moments captured on canvas and lost into other moments !

My work is passionate, searching and exciting. The world of colour plays and dances with singing, ringing resonances and makes no apologies to a drab world. It is a celebration of life. I hope to uplift and excite the viewer or to expose living in the question? The sense of search and seeking in each painting to find some momentary balance, which I hope gives the paintings a sense of the universal and spiritual quest.

Isa has been featured in the Ham And High newspaper, to see the article please click here.

Isa Levy lives in Highgate, London. The passionate and primal energy of her paintings has attracted collectors from the USA, Finland, France, Italy and her native homeland, Cardiff. Isa Levy is the niece of the late art critic and art writer, Mervyn Levy.
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