Judith Fairlie

My imagination has played with memory, landscape, gardens and sculpture – and I have a series of works using these themes. As often with memory and art, history and childhood weave in and out.  I incorporate memory, sensations, emotions and story.  I use the figure in the landscape, real or sculpted to evoke the relationships between place and human life.  The locations may be collaged from imagined, real or dreamt places, but through my work they are translated into a print medium. I like to use the sculpted figure in the landscape because it carries a sense of time and history – and strangeness.

Sometimes, I like to leave the representational and express myself in line and form. This abstract work originates in drawing, geometry and  landscape.  I enjoy the freedom to work with colour. I have been influenced by a number of artists who have worked with abstract motifs – and these include Paul Klee, and Ben Nicholson.

I enjoy making blind embossed prints – a process which enhances the sculptural quality of relief prints.  Blind embossed prints are printed with high pressure and no ink. They have a sensuous white surface.

Geological timescales have resulted in the breakdown of rocks which are turned and refined by weather, wind and water into the tiny particles of sand. As tides carry the particles on to beaches they mix with much younger, delicately structured and coloured fragments of immature sea organisms and together the very ancient and the short-lived mix to produce traces of their history in sinewy tide lines. These delicate transient lines have been occupying my imagination and entering my work.

B204, Chocolate Factory 1
Clarendon Road
Wood Green, London
N22 6XJ