Lindsay Simons

My work is a process of gathering and re-using.  I plunder images from old master paintings of women by Leonardo, Titian, Raphael and Bronzino.  I also collect cuttings from magazines and illustrations of plants and still life  paintings from the Renaissance.  In using these appropriated images I question the notion of beauty and how it is represented and constructed by society.  I also want to investigate the power and seduction of these images and consider how they have been mediated through mass production.   paintings from the Renaissance

In my picture making I use stuff from the house such as tumble dryer felt, Hoover dust, lace table cloths and doilies. They refer to domesticity, cleaning, washing and eating – the mundane and fundamental processes of living.  The lace and embroidered table cloths were made by women and considered to have no aesthetic value.  I would like to elevate these objects to the realm of fine art and acknowledge their inherent value and history in the lives of women.  In some paintings I use the triptych format which has religious and art historical connotations.  I want to create a dialogue between different images and times frames.  The tumble dryer felt takes on the equivalence of a painted surface and is evidence of a history or a trace.

I construct my paintings by using these disparate elements.  The backgrounds are made from sticking the different materials to the canvas and then applying layers of dribbled paint.  I play with loss of control and random mark making and the manipulation of colour.  The figurative image is cropped and painted with carefully built-up layers to mimic the original.  Through these processes I can experiment with ways of rendering and different languages of painting.  I can also control what is seen or concealed and manipulate the gaze of the viewer and the viewed.  In the process of painting I try and create beautiful or seductive images but I also attempt to disrupt the reading by creating a sense of unease and questioning.

B204, Chocolate Factory 1
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Wood Green, London
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