M1L1 PR0 is proactive in various disciplines within the arts, consistently producing quality and thought provoking work that engages atypical audiences through the mediums of music, film, spoken word and cross arts projects.

This includes work with Film 4, EMI, Blast Films, Channel 4, BBC radio and MTV Base, ranging from an urban music theatre production to the existential and other philosophical concepts explored in ‘Makin 3ndz Meet’, (a cross-arts collaborative project created to combat the limited view those on the fringes of society obtain by leading parochial existences in neighbourhoods colloquially known as the ‘endz’).

Contact email: mili.pro@outlook.com

Web: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKp37Br-4ac&list=PLAegPZ1fgzPv102gSu7fZydm_qRyEWWme&index=3

Studio 25 – Chocolate Factory 1

Clarendon Rd

Wood green N22 6XJ