Non Worrall

After decades of experiencing the challenges and rewards of teaching, research and consultancy, I first picked up a paintbrush in 2008 – with some trepidation since, along with many others of my generation, I had been told at an early age, not to bother because obviously I couldn’t draw. Thanks to the encouragement of family, friends and fellow students, I followed the advice of several exceptional art tutors and persisted. Perhaps because I have received so little formal training, my approach is essentially eclectic, ranging freely over as wide a variety of techniques and mediums as I can discover. I experiment to find appropriate ways to capture and represent the subjects I select. These arise in response to what I see and feel in both the natural and human domains while the techniques I adopt are strongly influenced by the work of artists, ancient and modern, whose output I admire. The final product frequently results from a series of happy accidents, often far removed from my initial thoughts and planning but always focused on exploring conjunctions and dissonances between colour and texture.

Studio 21 – Chocolate Factory 3

40 Cumberland Rd

Wood Green N22 7SG