Rosophia’s Adornments

I started making jewellery for myself because I saw nothing on the high street within my price range that I liked. Everything was plastic and felt cheaply mass produced. I decided after a while to start making my own pieces, starting initially with wood shells. I’d make myself a pair of earrings or a necklace if I was planning to go out – my creative process just spiraled from there.

My work has always had strong links to healing and spirituality. Most of my pieces incorporate copper and crystals. Copper has been used traditionally as a remedy for ailments for years; it’s known for its healing properties.

I’ve been making jewellery now on and off for 10 years. I’m self-taught and I’ve always been creative. My skills include: sewing, fashion design knitting and papercrafts including bookmaking. I’m also a loctition (dread loc hairdresser).

I use a lot of wire wrapping and gemstones in my technique, but after undertaking a jewellery course with 306 Collective Summer 2017, I discovered an affinity for silversmithing.

I have just started training with the British Academy of Jewellery in silversmithing and manufacturing. My aim is to open my own studio focusing on designing and making bespoke crystal jewellery for healing.

Studio 28 – Chocolate Factory 1

Clarendon Road

Wood Green, London N22 6XJ

Tel 07506770963