Ruma Nowaz

Ruma was born in India but was educated in London acquiring her degree from Middlesex University in 2006.

Her work explores both abstract and landscape subjects, drawing from nature and the urban landscape to create subtle dreamscapes and images using the language of painting through the use of vibrant colour and texture.

She is currently painting a series of works based on the River Thames. Growing up in London, the Thames has become central to her life and to her practice to which she returns again and again. These are oil paintings on linen, and explore the various moods of the river in different light conditions and in it’s ebb and flow.

The other recent series of paintings are based on Indian myths and legends from old Indian texts such as the Rig Veda and Upanishads. The subject of one painting ‘The Flowers of Prajapati,’ is based on the Rig Veda and the story of Creation.  Another painting in this series is ‘The burning of Kama,” who is the God of Desire. ‘The Charioteer” is based on the symbolic ideas of the Upanishad in which the body is a chariot, reason is the charioteer, mind is the reins and the horses are the senses.

Ruma is based at the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green, North London. She is primarily an oil painter but also produces work in various mediums including mixed media, collages, water colours and photographs.

If you need any further information, please contact Ruma Nowaz at or, or contact her on M: 07710 199 202

Ruma studied painting privately for a number of years prior to completing her degree in Fine Art-Painting at Middlesex University in 2006. Based at the Chocolate Factory, Ruma’s work has developed as a response to various landscapes, producing series of paintings such as the River Thames, Gladstone Park, Spanish and Chinese series. Her works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in London, Spain and France and are to be found in many private collections.

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