Susannah Williams

The figures in my recent paintings are held captive within ambiguous spaces, immersed in their own self awareness . There is a sense of uncertainty about their sexual identity created by the strange juxtaposition between the world weary body and the innocence of mind.

The combination of painted material with the photographic is fascinating to me and creates a tension that is unsettling, challenging the viewer and their perception of the media and has become an effective vehicle for me to express my concerns.

Sexism is more rife in our post- feminist society and I find this disconcerting, in particular the increased sexualisation of pre-pubescent girls through the media and the products aimed at them, and through reading Natasha Walters book ‘Living Dolls-The Return Of Sexism’ I found her concerns to be parallel with my own and this is expressed through the ‘living doll’ paintings.

The relationship of the photographic element with the viscous paint ,the indexical with the gestural is an element I wish to further explore experimenting with this interplay of opposing elements whilst engaging with the interrelated dilemmas of our contemporary society.

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