Susie Breen

My practice explores the idea of personal presence, the power of recollection, the notion of trust in known skills and the value of ‘play’ as a working method. I work in a variety of materials to create drawings as valid and complete responses in their own right, rather than as preliminary or preparatory pieces.

My most recent works bring together images, writings and soundscapes to create contemporary representations of characters and experiences. They have been described as “light and dark, wit and whimsy.”

I have enjoyed a successful career as a designer, working for, amongst others, The Arts Council of Great Britain, promoting the performing and visual Arts in London, and Dorling Kindersley, a leading international publishing house, as a design manager and multimedia producer.

I have taught design and multimedia at undergraduate level, and observational drawing to adults.

I am equally comfortable wearing the title ‘designer’ as ‘artist’, and believe that all my creations share the same source.

I have shown work in London and Dublin.

C307, Chocolate Factory 1
5 Clarendon Road
Wood Green, London
N22 6XJ