Ursula Kellett

After completing her Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma at the Byam Shaw School of Art in 1997 and 1998, Ursula Kellett went on to study at the City and Guild of London Art School for  an MA in Fine Art, which she completed in 2001. Since then she has successfully exhibited her work in London, at the Hutson Gallery, the Bettie Morton Solo Show, the AGallery and Lesley Davy Gallery, and internationally in New York and Tokyo. She has also had her work included in private collections in London, USA, France and Germany.

In her own words, Ursula’s paintings use dramatically contrasting materials which represent two fundamental opposites: the natural and the artificial. Her work pays homage to the ancient tradition of patchwork. But, rather than relying on traditional textiles, she uses a range of conflicting materials – earth, sand, raw pigments, varnishes, prints and paints – collected on her travels. As with a fabric made up of threads, the point is not the individual components, but the whole.

Private collectors, galleries and interior designers are becoming increasingly interested in her work, which juxtaposes natural and synthetic elements in a constant exploration to unpredictable and beautiful effect.

Email: contact @ ursulakellett.co.uk

Telephone: 07788 444 846

Address: Studio 31 – Chocolate Factory 1

40 Cumberland Road

Wood Green, N22 7SG