Yi Dai

My experience of the details of life and the natural world motivates me to share, through visual form, the enigma they bring into my mind. I experiment with unusual techniques on humble materials. My art practice does not rest on one single theme or rely on one familiar technique. However, all my works share a common aesthetic ideal, with a strong focus on process and materiality. My paintings look deceptively abstract from afar, but with closer scrutiny, one notices the extreme attentiveness to details, and the inspiration from concrete existence in nature. Although each project of mine experiments with a different theme, they share a similar sensation – the inconsolable relationship between order and chaos. The random patterns in contrast with the highly controlled arrangements in my paintings echo the chaos of nature and the orderliness of the human mind, whilst I explore a way to make these two qualities harmoniously co-exist.
Yi Dai is a multimedia visual artist based in London. Born in Changsha China, Yi has also lived in the United States, Denmark and the Marshall Islands before she moved to London in 2011.
Studio 4-11
Chocolate Factory 2
4 Coburg Road,Wood Green, London
N22 6UJ