Yousaf Ali Khan

INSPIRATION: Like Jason in the script; most of my mother’s male friends were hardly role model material. I realised recently that for much of my life I have been looking for suitable male role models. This got me imagining what it would be like to have a ‘father type’ relationship with someone, and also to be able to claim my roots without that nagging feeling that I was an imposter.

Giant Land is a film script that explores ideas of what a Family is and who we are, ethnically. This script builds on my previous work SKIN DEEP which dealt with a mixed race boy’s crisis of identity, and TALKING WITH ANGELS; which like Giant Land, sees the world through the eyes of a 10 year old boy.

I have endeavored to keep the narrative simple in the Giant Land script so as to allow us to focus on the ‘father/son’ relationship and lend towards a subjective and lyrical telling through immature eyes.

All my films, including my last feature ALMOST ADULT, have dealt with the experience of being an outsider. In Giant Land, both lead characters are outsiders and this is partly their attraction.

Wood Green, London
N22 6UJ