I specialise in quantum particle art, using acrylic paint and crystal pens. Each gem is painted as a unique, multi-faceted reflection of the whole. I start by blending the colours in each particle – I love the beautiful marbled jewel effect this creates.
My work explores the relationship between the form and formless dimensions of reality, the magic and mystery of life.

My original inspiration and technique came from a spiritual experience in the Mexican ruins of Palenque, where i saw the jungle turn into tiny particles of energy vibrating in and out of existence. Realising that nothing is real, everything is energy, I sat for hours in complete oneness with life.

I now receive ideas, guidance and visions through my spiritual teacher Amma, meditation, prayer and Mother Nature – a never ending source of vibrant life, colour and abundance, including the sacred number 108 which has become a golden thread running through my work representing spiritual completion.

My life has been one of awakening and transformation and I believe I am here to serve and help people reconnect, align and remember their true nature.

Everything is energy!

website: www.artistzena.com
email: zena@artistzena.com
mobile: + 44 (0) 7722 143 353

The Chocolate Factory 1
Studio 26, 2nd floor B204
5 Clarendon Road
London N22 6XJ

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